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The Imperial Crowns

The Imperial Crowns manage the Adrian Empire, both in the United States and Canada. They serve a one year term starting from the first Saturday in November and may be re-elected for a second consecutive term but not a third. The Crowns, known as the Emperor and Empress (or an equivalent title), appoint Ministers and Deputy Ministers to help with the day to day operations.

Contacting Their Imperial Majesties

We believe in using the "Chain of Authority" in communication. Please utilize such to the best of your abilities. Most information and inquiries we believe should be coming through our ministers or through your Crowns who have been chosen to represent their Populace and Estates. There are two official forms of communication with the Imperial Crown this reign. The Adria Crowns Board and emails which include both of our email addresses. Please realize nothing is official until confirmed in writing by the Emperor and Empress of Adria.

Adrian Emperor: Emperor L'Bet'e de Acmd

Adrian Empress: Empress Gabriele Silverhand


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Imperial MinisterImperial Crown
Arts and Sciences
Imperial MinisterImperial Crown
Chancellory (Legislative and judicial matters)
ChancellorSir Terrin Greyphis
Deputy ChancellorAgnes Rosenberg
Minister of JusticeDame Freydis Dahlia
College of Arms (Heraldry)
Imperial Sovereign of ArmsBaron Sebastian Javier de la Cruz
Beltazure (Chief Deputy and Assistant to the ISoA)Dama Antonia Lopez
Phoenix (NE and SE Regional Deputy)Don Migele di Genova
Griffin (NW and SW Regional Deputy)Baron Horatio Merriweather
Bezant Herald (Research and Educational Articles)Dame Constance Rosewall
Codex Herald (Databases and Records)ben seyr Alistrina Lannoon Amragosso
Tyger Herald (Protocol and Precedence)Baron Francesco Gaetano Greco d'Edessa
Court Heralds
Imperial HeraldImperial Crown
Hospitaler (New members and information)
Imperial HospitalerSir Desmond Wallace
Joust and War
Imperial MinisterImperial Crown
Imperial Cown MarshallSir Bjornson Valladyr
Imperial MinisterImperial Crown
Ether: DevelopmentImperial Crown
Ether: MaintenanceImperial Crown
Ether: Data Entry and UpdatingImperial Crown
Database AdministratorSir Terrin Greyphis
Imperial ChroniclerImperial Crown
MailingsImperial Crown
Rolls and Lists
Imperial MinisterDame Katelyn of Kincora
Imperial Archivestben seyr Alistrina Lannoon Amragosso
StewardSir Lawence Anthony
Deputy Steward (Canada)Dame Adina Nordskov

If anyone is interested in volunteering for a ministry position please feel free to contact us directly.

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