Nevada and southern Utah

Created from the division of the Kingdom of Albion. The Archduchy of Albion-Rayonne's capital is Las Vegas, Nevada. Albion-Rayonne is the Empire's newest Archduchy and one of the hosts of Adria's annual National Steel Tournament. We are proud of our new chapter and looking forward to being a strong chapter with a strong unified voice and vast resources. Our archers, artisans, combatants, and ministers have the opportunities to excel in monthly tourneys and regular demonstrations held in our capital and cantons. Our regular events include: 12th Night, Hearts and Honour, Fools' War, Boulder City Renaissance Faire, Pirate Feast, Southern Utah Midsummer Renaissance Faire, CCPR Age of Chivalry Fair and National Steel tournament, Day of the Dead, Champions' Tournament, and Yule Feast.


 * Archduke: Prince William Baine

* Archduchess: Lady Moira Pritani 

* Steward: HE, Sebastian Drago

* Archery: Sir Gregor Pent Graf vonSchongau

* Arts and Sciences: Lady Knight Bella

* Minister of Joust and War: Ritter Aressius

* Crown Marshal: Sir Jace

* Hospitaler: 

* Physicker: 

* Deputy Physicker: Sir William Baine 

* Rolls and Lists: Lady Moira Pritani  

* Herald: 

* Webmaster: Hugh Barronmoor 

* Minister of Arms: Lady Ariadne Barronmoor 

* Chancellor: Dame Jade & Ritter Aressius

Canton of Outremar – Laughlin, NV :

Events, time and place TBA take place on the fourth Sunday of January, April, June/August and the third Sunday in December. 

Canton of Desert Haven –

St. George, UT: Events, time and place TBA are yet to be announced. 

* Vicerine: Dame Kathryn Kemsley

Canton of Reno –

Reno, NV: Events, time and place TBA take place on the second Saturday of the month. 

Viceroy: Sir Draco Rivenoak


Internet Presence:


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