The Empire of Adria, a national 501c3 educational organization is dedicated to recreating the skills and activities of the middle ages and renaissance. 

  Outremar is an outlying area of the Archduchy of Albion-Rayonne in the Adrian Empire. Mundanely, we are geographically designated as Laughlin, Nevada (zip code 89029), and are located along the Colorado River, near Bullhead City, Arizona.


In the Beginning, the "Ideal" for Adria, as conceived and set forth by the Founders, was that in the chaotic world of our mundane lives, much like the chaotic times in medieval history, we could create and uphold a society where individuals from all walks of life, no matter what rank or title, all have the same opportunities and were all expected to uphold the same chivalric ideals. "The Ideal" was simply exemplifying the best qualities of medieval history and applying them, not only within Adria but within each of ourselves and in thus, making our mundane lives a better place to exist. Self-indulgence and oppressiveness were to be prohibited. Fellowship, compassion, and a need to keep matters simple and to the point were to be embodied by the populace. As founders, our future "Dream" for Adria was that each member would hold a true and honest love for Adria so as to nurture and help her grow into a shining example of what a Noble Society could have been in the past and perhaps should be today and also in the future.

- Sir Antoine de Burgandy




• Always serve the best interests of our communities.

• Measure actions by what is in the best interests of the Organization.

• Communicate openly, honestly and directly.

• Be visionary: Encourage innovation and learn from our mistakes. 

• Be positive: Seek solutions, and be open to the views of others. 

• Support each other in balancing work, family and community. 

• Support and reward excellence, teamwork, productivity, and growth. 

• Be accountable and honor commitments. 

• Promote research, education, and publication relevant to those cultures falling within the influence of Western Civilization within our period of history



The period of history that is encompassed by the game shall be defined as the years from 793 to and including 1625. The scope of the Adrian Empire shall include the Medieval and Renaissance cultures of Europe and those cultures that had a significant presence in Europe during our defined period of  history. The scope of our arts and sciences include arts, crafts and sciences that had an identifiable presence and influence in Europe.


We endeavor to enlighten our communities by providing a mechanism to explore the lifestyles and societies of the period of history commonly referred to as The Age of Chivalry. 


• Integrity (to adhere to a code of values, to be incorruptible) 

• Fairness (to be impartial, honest, free from self-interest, prejudice or favoritism)

• Loyalty (to be unswerving in allegiance, to one's lawful Crown or government; faithful to a person to whom fidelity is due; or, to a cause, ideal, custom, or institution) 

• Respect (to be polite, considerate, and demonstrate admiration for people's good qualities and achievements)

Outremar  (5) (May 2018) Included Estates & Membership:          

(5) Rath Shadowfire-    


House Lord       

*Sir Ricchar Terrien the Goth    L5499        Pfleeger, Will    

 *   Lady Moira Pritani                 L5117         Johnston, Janice                                

  * Kellan Demitul                         5498         Garrett, Carl 

  * Katy                                   5498-9247      Johnston, Katlin

  *  Jace                                        5118          Johnston, James   


  * Liam                                    5118-9901       Vega, Liam 

Canton Reño in process of developing new House, Beloozero (to include Sir Draco, Dame Megan, Squire Ana, David, and Padraic) in Reno Nevada; also a part of Ravensword & Albion~Rayonne.



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